Hi, I’m William Granville Brown welcome to my website. Thank you for stopping by. I’m a big believer in taking ownership of our lives in order to live the life we truly desire. That’s why I became a Lifaholic; someone who embraces the whole of living through inward reflection and true devotion to spiritual growth and personal development.

Allow me to provide you a brief overview of what you can expect as you share your valuable time with me. As you browse you will learn about our 2-day intensive live certification classes for those who have an attitude of servitude and wish to become a Certified Professional Coach as well as other ways to do so.

Moving on there is a description of our Coaching Practice and the services and benefits we provide to our clients.

I’m also proud to present two of my books. One is a novel and the other is an easy to read self-help guide. There is a Media tab as well for radio interviews and some articles.

Lastly there’s the Connect With Us page. I would love to hear from you and share ideas, insights, free offers and simple life enhancing tips, so please sign up and join Lifaholics all over the world as we celebrate life.